After nearly seven years of hoping for better, he nearly gave up…

Conrad had the unfortunate experiencing of suffering a post-operative stroke at the age of only 45. Seeking recovery and a chance at the life he used to have, Conrad went on a seven year journey being told he had reached the full potential of his recovery. Undaunted, Conrad looked at other doctors, clinics and even alternative medicine.  Finally, he found us.

Kintech technology with the aim of recovery, not dependence

We used two key technologies to help with Conrad’s recovery — a P.Rom and a wrist-ranger. Both of these devices use an ingenious combination of pneumatic actuators to rhythmically stimulate tight uncooperative muscles into a relaxed less spastic state–allowing the wearer to regain more control, motion and comfort.

Conrad’s honest and touching testimonial–we’re so glad to have helped him:

“There are hundreds of options when it comes to rehabilitation from neurological deficits–so how do you choose? You don’t! There is only one tested and proven option: orthotics personally and custom designed to help you reach your goals safely, effectively and efficiently. They work so well that there is no need to shop around tirelessly or drive around for ineffective therapies or driving all over the city wasting gas, time and money. You just need to set an appointment to be assessed by the amazing guru John Abramowicz and his collaborative staff of Jamie, Trevor and Debbie. A custom-made orthotic you will be designed for you using their unique protocol science. Tailor-made for your specific deficit in mind to put you on the right track for recovery and progress that is second-to-none and applied daily that can be used from the comforts of home instead of driving all over the city trying to find the ideal rehabilitation clinic.  Instead of searching for that mystery clinic that turns out to be wasting your time and your money, Kintech Orthopaedics in Mississauga (and Unionville), Ontario, Canada is the best choice for recovery in any impairment of the body.  It would be smart to take advantage of their protocol science to recovery protocol science  that is at the top of their field.  Stop throwing your money away with little or no gains and strap Into a custom made orthotic and harness the trans formative protocols offered by Kintech. Being a 7 year post stroke patient told by doctors that I have reached maximum medical recovery These orthotics can and will change your mobility options when used consistently and correctly.

Kintech Ortthopaedics is the on the leading edge in terms of the way to rehabiltate your body.

Bless you all!

Conrad T.”